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I strive for excellence in each and every session. I hope to give my clients  a better understanding of their body and how it moves as well as to assist them in improving this movement in everyday life as well as in the studio.

By seeing Lisa for Pilates I have gained Muscle strength and flexibility in my body. Lisa gets five stars from me and I highly recommend her services.

Loretta Di Peri

A year ago, I sat in my doctor’s office and heard the words, “’re too young for knee replacement surgery.”  Yikes!! I knew right then that I had to get stronger.


Pilates with Lisa was the answer!  Now simple tasks like walking up and downstairs are no problem. Every day I’m getting stronger & my knees feel so much better.

In a nutshell, Lisa rocks!!


Susan Farris

Pilates with Lisa has improved my posture, my muscle strength and my confidence. I trust Lisa to challenge me while still being so encouraging and supportive, her skillful guidance makes sure each exercise is appropriate for me and is done accurately to get the most from my effort.

Pilates with Lisa has made an amazing change in my life.

Barbara Scott

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